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Be “👱🏻‍♀️Babe👣” & “🐻Bear🐾 Aware👀”


Be “Babe & Bear Aware”—It’s Springtime (with Cindy Guyer)!!! 

I’m so lucky to know some people who are simply beautiful inside and out. While bears awaken during this season, it occurred to me that this is also the season to be vigilant and ‘babe aware’.


Speaking of babes, I recently caught up with bicoastal businesswoman, “babe friend” and bear aficionado Cindy Guyer. Guyer’s is the busy owner of Guyer’s (NYC), a Manhattan restaurant named eponomously after her father.

The Connecticut-born and raised model, actress and restauranteur also knows a thing or two about bears. She once graciously adorned some authentic “conservation couture”, as a courtesy and homey hospitality gesture on my behalf.

In fact, with her the classy “finishing school caliber” customer care etiquette, the most prolific cover model ever featured on romance novels anywhere, had the most courteous wherewithal to greet me  on sabbatical from orphaned grizzly bear care and curation duties in Alaska, wearing a classic ‘bear viewing guide shirt’!!!

While grizzly (brown bears), have never lived in Connecticut (modern history or post-glacially), American black bears have. Connecticut’s  black bears were extirpated from the state in the late 1800’s. With resident black bear sightings in the 1980’s exciting prospects for their recovery became apparent. Today, any  CT resident will tell you they are everywhere. Indeed, their numbers have more than rebounded. State wildlife biologists consider the population healthy and growing. And to that end, Cindy and I says, “Cheers”!

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