Orlando ‘Ori’ Spado on the Passing of Colombo Crime Family Underboss John ‘Sonny’ Franzese Sr.

Legendary Colombo Underboss Sonny Franzese Passes Away at 103 Man Who Led Colombo Family’s Long Island Rackets Dies For media inquiries, comments & condolences on the passing of John ‘Sonny’ Franzese, please email Dr. Jordan Schaul (jordan@jordanschaul.com) or text 4248350774. Publicist for Orlando ‘Ori’ Spado TheAccidentalGangster.com

Barbara Moore Bounces Back Gracefully & With Gratitude

Barbara Moore Bounces Back Gracefully & With Gratitude @drjordanschaul is based in Los Angeles, CA. Follow him on Facebook and LinkedIn. Barbara Moore has graced the covers of renowned magazines and appeared in uber popular videos for rock music’s most iconic performing and recording artists (e.g. Aerosmith and Phil Collins) and country music legends, including […]

Character Actors: Recognizing Schaul PR Client Manny Rey & a Commemorative Tribute to My Cousin James Karen

Character Actors: Recognizing Manny Rey & a Commemorative Tribute to my Cousin James Karen @drjordanschaul Many supporting actors are typecast because they look the part and are just so good in particular roles. Others are cast in many roles because their versatility can’t be underestimated. And some move back and forth between leading roles and […]

Activists Cindy Guyer & Leesa Rowland: Beautiful, Blonde & Bicoastal (Not to Mention Movers, Shakers & Moviemakers!)

Schaul PR commends two beautiful blonde bombshells for their bodacious bicoastal business savvy & their charitable contributions to people & animals in need where ever they may be.  Gal pals Leesa Rowland (Animal Ashram) & Cindy Guyer (Guyer’s NYC) are inspiring women with a wealth of talent, an acumen for business & compassion without boundaries.  With eclectic filmographies & impressive modeling […]

Be “👱🏻‍♀️Babe👣” & “🐻Bear🐾 Aware👀”

@GUYERSNYC & @GRIZZLIES Be “Babe & Bear Aware”—It’s Springtime (with Cindy Guyer)!!!  I’m so lucky to know some people who are simply beautiful inside and out. While bears awaken during this season, it occurred to me that this is also the season to be vigilant and ‘babe aware’. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cindy_Guyer Speaking of babes, I recently caught […]